We Are The Basement Improvement Specialists.

Basement Technologies is the best choice for all your foundation, basement waterproofing & basement finishing needs. Basement Technologies’ ability to waterproof a basement, replace a basement foundation wall or support the wall, along with finishing the basement is a benefit to our customers because you only need one telephone number to call, one company to deal with, one install date and all your needs are met. We are your “one stop shop” for all your basement improvement needs.

Basement Technologies was conceived with the intent to give back to homeowners their down stairs living space. To make a basement a safe place for living/storage & allow homeowner’s the luxury of a full night’s sleep. Knowing that your foundation wall is strong, that the morning will not bring out the wet vac & hours of drying a basement floor, is the difference between a basement, and a Basement Technologies Basement!

Our goal at Basement Technologies is: Offer a superior product at an affordable cost and a promise of superior customer service.

Watch how we can fix your problems

The Ultimate In Basement Waterproofing Solutions.

Basement Technologies offers the industry’s leading solutions for basement waterproofing and wet basement repair and will provide the fastest and most economical solution for your home. We have expertise in both system configuration and installation of the most advanced products available.  Basement Technologies recognizes that to be a leader in the basement waterproofing and crawl space waterproofing industry, one must continue to introduce new and better products as well as improve old ones.  Because of this, we are able to bring you the most cutting edge and efficient waterproofing products on the market.

  • Wet basement?
  • Need warrantied sump-pump, backup, or dehumidifier?
  • Crawl space issues?
  • Need walls braced or cracks sealed?
  • Need egress windows?

We can solve any of these problems and more!

How are we different?

Basement Technologies of North Dakota is your basement waterproofing specialist for the Red River Valley area and beyond. If you have a water problem in your basement and you want to fix it permanently, you need our water trek system. Much like the telegraph, eight-track tapes, and counsel televisions, drain tile is a solution of the past. Our water trek system can be installed in most homes (whether your basement is finished or unfinished) within a week and comes standard with a transferrable lifetime guarantee. Contact us for your free consultation today!

With the way we have water problems in our region, you need commercial grade products of the newest technology which is exactly what Basement Tech ND combines!

Owner-Operator, Kyle will give you the professional attention needed and help you with any type of basement problem. Our crew, led by owner-foreman Kyle who is consistently on the job, will make sure you are happy and pleased with their work before they leave. We can’t afford to make a mistake as our reputation is on the line with every job.

Call us today at: 701-367-0839 or Toll Free at: 1-877-405-3257


“Basement Technologies was able to help us in many ways…whether it was designing/installing water proofing, to egress windows, to the underground sump pump discharge – which we love with no more black hoses – …it has removed our annual spring “water worry” away.
Thanks B-Tech!”
SarahCarrington, ND
“I was impressed with Basement Technologies from the get go. Every time I called, someone answered, and had the proper person get back to me through the whole process. From working with the owner/foreman Kyle, to the worker’s on the job (Don’t be afraid to bake them some cookies!), everyone was professional!”
SandyHawley, MN
“I always want to do business with people that care….and I felt that with these guys. I liked the flexibility in how their “watertrek” waterproofing system can be added to if needed. I could only afford to do so much now to solve the immediate problems along 2 walls, but I feel comfortable to add to it if needed!”
AndrewJamestown, ND
“Basement Technogies really helped us with our crawlspace and putting a watertrek/crawlspace conduit/dehumidifier “package” together that solved all our issues.”
LaceyPerham, MN
“I decided to do business with Basement Technologies because they put their money where their mouth is. They guarantee their work and I don’t see that as much these days! I couldn’t be happier with their work and how that week played out in working with their crew!”
ChadOakes, ND
“I was happy with how the salesman/owner listened to me and gave me options for solving our water headaches. Like he said, “You can handle this conservatively or aggressively…it is your money!” That gave me a peace that it wasn’t just about them making a buck…we were involved in every decision!”
BrentHallock, MN
“From the accurate bid, to the installation process, to the follow up….I was thankful I chose Basement Technologies to fix our problems. I am so glad their products are commercial grade and have warranties for the wet area we live in as we need that reliability!”
Sandy, Fargo, ND
“My husband and I like how the sump pits they install are big enough for 2 pumps to be installed if desired….the battery backup is another product we really liked in comparing theirs to others out there.”
WendyGrafton, ND
“The crack in our wall and in the middle of our floors kept leaking water through….with both the techni-crack wall installation and the watertrek waterproofing system for the floor, everything was solved in 3 days….I would recommend them to anyone in our region!”
JohnHillsboro, ND
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